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Who We Are
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Provide a value and work to deliver exceptional service to our customers by:

  • Accountable:

We take personal responsibility for managing and meeting customer needs and expectations.

  • Courteous:

We deliver services in a considerate and professional manner.

  • Understanding:

We work to clearly understand customer needs and expectations.

  • Responsive:

We respond to customer needs and requests for service in a prompt manner.

  • Proficient:

We deliver service in a knowledgeable, skillful and accurate manner.


Why We Have A Call Centre 


The toll free number is another link between the company and the people besides company web site, exhibitions and the different meetings held by the company with different groups of the society in Muscat governorate to impart knowledge about the project. 

The center will provide information especially about the implementation phases; areas would be covered by the project, benefits of the project in terms of public health and other socio-economic profits and information of current sewer network.

The centre will deal with inquires and complaints regarding the existing sewer lines and construction works in the different areas of the project. This will support the company in delivering the message about the progress of the project and meet the customer expectation. The center will update its information whenever it is necessary and called for. 

What we do 

  • Respond to customer enquiries and complaints related to Haya water reuse system 
  • Respond to enquiries and complaint related to sewer Billing and the calculation method 
  • Respond to Al Ansab Wetland visit request 
  • Processing of NOC (No Objection Certificate application) 
  • Processing of NC (New Connection application) 
  • Arrange yellow tanker for the customer not yet connected to the sewer line with fixed fees passed on area ways. 
  • Arrange to remove internal blockage “blockage paid service” 
  • Handle TE (Treated Effluent) request and enquiries 
  • Handle kala request and enquiries 



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