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General Information

The project contributes to the creation of job opportunities for the Omani youth incompanies working in the construction and operation of the new wastewater system.

The objective of the Muscat Wastewater Project master plan is to serve 80% of the Muscat population in its six Wilayats (Muscat, Muttrah, Baushar, A’Seeb, Al-Amerat and Quriyat) by 2020.

This includes the completion of the following works:

  • Construction of new sewage treatment plants and rehabilitation of some of theexisting plants.
  • Construction of wastewater networks.
  • Construction of treated water redistribution network.
Safety First

The success of the project and the achievement of the set objectives will depend to alarge extent on residents understanding the nature of the project. Excavation work and road cutting, accompanied by certain risks and inconveniences,is part of the nature of this project. Safety is top priority at Haya water we will ensure thatthis message reaches all residents to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Call 800 77111 for information or assistance.

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Last updated on  :   05/11/2015
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