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I am very proud to have been given the responsibility to lead the Haya Water Executive Management Team. Haya Water’s team is very aware of its responsibilities for the delivery one of Oman’s biggest ever infrastructure and ensuring a cleaner and , greener future for everyone who lives and works in the Muscat Governorate area.

The water reuse project that is now being constructed is the most complex, technologically advanced and largest of its kind ever undertaken in the Gulf. We are very proud of the progress we have already made in delivering Haya Water’s stated commitment to “Making Muscat A Better City.”

But the success we have achieved and plan to succeed in the future depends on the commitment and partnership of many people and organisations.

The highly trained, enthusiastic and motivated staff we employ at Haya Water are vital to ensuring our team delivers the highest level of service toprivate residents, commercial, industrial and government bodies who we are connecting to our modern, state of the art collection and treatment system.

We are also indebted to the patience and cooperation of the individuals and organisations that are impacted by necessary construction work as the project continues to connect people. Our aim is to ensure that the disturbance is kept to a minimum.

Our contractors and business partners continue to deliver the best civil engineering support to ensure we can complete this complex and challenging project that will by 2018 have connected 80 per cent of properties in Muscat.

Meanwhile every day Haya Water is able to treat and recycle larger volumes of treated effluent that are ensuring an environmentally friendly way to irrigate parks, public areas and leisure facilities across Muscat Governorate.

Finally our company is grateful to the wholehearted support we are receiving from the Government to ensure we can complete and implement this important and strategic project that is helping create a better future for all.

Eng. Hussain Hassan Ali AbdulHussain

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Last updated on  :   13/06/2012
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