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Mudrik Says   Do And Don’t
Do and Don’t
Limits of Company Responsibility:
  • The company intervention limit is from the external chamber to the connection point
  • In case of technical problems (blockages, overflows, leakage,…etc) occurring inside the property, it is the responsibility of the owner is to maintain
  • Don't discharge any liquid having a temperature higher than 65 degrees Centigrade
  • Don't discharge any wastewater having a pH of less than 6 (acidic) or greater than 10 (high alkalinity); or any chemicals which are hazardous or are capable of causing damage to sewerage works and or injury to personnel.
  • Don't dispose garbage
  • Don't allow entry of insoluble oils, fats and greases into their sewer system
  • Don't discharge any solid, liquid or gas, which by its nature can cause fire or explosion.
  • Don't discharge/dispose into the sewer system any materials that can cause obstruction to the flow or in anyway interfere with the treatment process. These materials include but are not limited to ashes, wax, paraffin ,sand, mud ,metals, glass, rags, lint, feathers, plastics, sanitary napkins, wood and saw dust, hair , grain processing wastes, chemical residues, acid residues and food processing bulk solids.
  • Don't discharge wastes containing solutions of metals of such concentration as to have an adverse effect upon the sewerage works, treatment process or receiving water.

  • Do Pay your monthly sewerage fees promptly.
  • Do clean grease and sand traps regularly so that these materials will not overflow into the sewer system.
  • Do report any street flooding to HAYA Water...
  • Do remove oil and grease from kitchen utensils, equipment and food preparation areas with scrapers, towels and brooms.
  • Do place food scraps in garbage collection containers.
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Last updated on  :   20/09/2013
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