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Sewage Calculation

Your sewage charge will appear on your monthly water bill as shown in the illustration. The sewage charge is based on the water consumption.

How do I calculate the sewage charge?

The water charge calculation is based on gallon while sewage charge is based on cubic meter. Therefore in order to calculate your sewage charge you need to:

  • Divide the unit consumed by 220 (Convert gallon to m3 ).
  • Multiply the result by the tariff rate.
  • Add the monthly fee to the result from (2).
  • The result is your sewage charge
Service beneficiary Tariff (R.O) per m3 Monthly Fee
Residential 0.154 2
Government Unit 0.193 5
Commercial and Industrial Unit 0.231 5


Who should pay the bill?

It is the responsibility of the property occupier (tenant) to pay the bill which should also be registered in his/her name. If a property is empty the responsibility falls to the owner.

So we can keep up to date records, please help by telling us when you move in or out of properties.

Sewage Calculator
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