Committed to Making ..
             Oman Greener and Healthier.
Water Reuse   Our Commitment to Muscat
Our Commitment to Muscat

Haya Water is immensely proud to be a positive role model for environmental awareness and water conservation in both Muscat and across the Sultanate of Oman.

Through our state of the art educational mobile unit and other initiatives including children’s road shows and participation in the Muscat Festival and other events – we will continue to tell our story and motivate a new generation of environmentally aware young people.

As a company we are fully aware of our responsibilities to the communities where we work and operate and will continue to work closely with them in the future – sharing in our growth and explaining the benefits of our project and how everyone can contribute to ensuring we all enjoy a sustainable future.

We are also equally committed to the health and safety of individuals during our construction process and are doing everything we can to ensure public safety during the work we are undertaking through signage, public information campaigns and direct contact with residents and businesses.

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Last updated on  :   16/01/2012
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