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A Reduced Carbon Footprint

One of the by-products of the Haya Water project has been the creation of the Kala Composting plant that is located at Al Multaqa in Amerat. This enables the efficient re-use of sewage biosolids, and green waste and converts them to compost that can be used for agriculture, landscaping and for individual gardens – enabling a reduction in the overall production of harmful greenhouse gases.

As a result today 100 per cent of all sewage biosolids generated by the company’s water reuse treatment project is treated and converted to compost – instead of being dumped into a landfill site as had been the practice in the past.

The capacity of the plant to deal with a wide range of other waste also means that many companies are now sending their waste to the Kala Composting Plant instead of dumping it in landfill sites – which can contribute to creating greenhouse gases and especially the build-up of methane.

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Last updated on  :   16/01/2012
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