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A Greener Muscat

Haya Water is already having an enormously positive impact on the environment – supplying treated effluent that is being used for a wide range of irrigation purposes in the Muscat Governorate area.

Muscat Municipality uses this in parks like Al Qurum Natural Park, Al Sahwa Park and other smaller parks and public green areas to help keep them green and pleasant for the public to enjoy – and ensuring the use of renewable water resources.

Major golf course developments that depend upon millions of gallons of water are also using this to keep the fairways and greens ready for play – including Muscat Hills, Almouj at the Wave and the Ghala Golf Club.

This has an enormous positive impact on the environment by reducing dependence on ground water or more expensive desalinated water sources – creating a hugely positive impact on the Muscat environment.

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Last updated on  :   16/01/2012
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